Today, millions of people made billions of  
trades worth trillions of dollars
What have you done today?  
Get out of your rat race and join the most important one - the race for money

Have you ever wondered?

Why something that you could have bought for €50 years ago now costs twice that much?
How some hot shot bankers make millions when markets crash?
Why do I have to exchange currency when I'm travelling abroad?

Did you know?

Governments and corporations are the biggest currency traders in the world.
Traders can profit when the currency value goes up (buy orders) as well as when the value goes down (sell orders)
Forex trading is the most liquid market on the planet with $5.3 trillion changing hands each day on average

Join the race & Expand your horizons

Have you ever heard a saying "Money makes the world go round"? In this day and age of ever expanding global economy, this statement is getting more relevant by the second. By getting into the financial markets you will have to start paying attention to economic events of scale as well as develop a certain skill set:
  • Discipline
  • Decision making
  • Will power
  • Curiousity

All of those skills are essential for you to succeed in any field, but they are particularly necessary to succeed in the financial markets. Those who go an extra mile developing the above mentioned set of skills achieve success in all aspects of life - success in trading is something that comes along.

MetaTrader 4 - Admiral Markets UK Ltd

The most advanced trading platform MetaTrader 4 for Windows or Mac

MetaTrader 4 (MT4) is the most popular trading platform. It was introduced in 2005 and is being constantly improved. The terminal is one of the most reliable in the industry and is known for its high security standards.

It's not that hard to start It's way harder to master, so don't procrastinate

Enough excuses...

"I'm not as smart as those guys"

Those people are exactly like you. Or at least they were exactly like you before they went ahead and became dedicated traders. Most of the trading decisions these people make are based on "events". There are various approaches to trading and market analysis, none proven to work. The 80/20 rules applies to Forex trading.

"I don't know how to do it"

Most didn't know when they started, if you know how to use Facebook or browse the web you will be able to trade.Trading now is software based: transparent, efficient and user-friendly. It is not an exclusive club with trading floors, complex requests or anything like that it used to be. No! Electronic trading comes down to a platform where you click your mouse to open and close orders.

"I don't have anything to invest"

FX trading doesn't require much to start, the minimum is just £150 and our leverage is up to 1:500 that increases your purchasing power allowing you to open substantial orders. If you feel uncomfortable facing the live market - open a practice account and practice, practice, practice until you are ready to test yourself in live conditions.