Admiral Markets Expands Its Selection of Cryptocurrency CFDs

Thu, 08 Feb 2018 13:18

Dear Traders,

We're delighted to announce that three new cryptocurrency CFDs have now been made available for trading on Admiral.MT5 accounts! Read on for more details about the latest update to our cryptocurrency CFD offering.

DSHUSD – Dash Vs. US Dollar CFD

Dash (DSHUSD) was first created in 2014 and, since then, has risen to become one of the most established projects on the cryptocurrency market. This cryptocurrency is an open-source, decentralised cash system designed for peer-to-peer payments, with an added privacy option. Similar to Bitcoin, Dash uses a blockchain ledger and is generated through the mining process.

Our Dash CFD allows you to trade this popular cryptocurrency on leverage and benefit from both rising and falling prices. Check it out today!

XMRUSD – Monero Vs. US Dollar CFD

Monero (XMRUSD), is an open-source, decentralised cash system focussed on private peer-to-peer payments. Like Bitcoin and Dash, this cryptocurrency is generated through mining. However, this process is made a little more open, as miners do not need to invest in specialised mining hardware. Instead, any computer can run a full node of the Monero blockchain ledger and mine for this cryptocurrency.

Trade our Monero CFD and benefit from the rising or falling prices of this popular crypto-coin!

ZECUSD - Zcash Vs. US Dollar CFD

Zcash (ZECUSD) has also been around for some time, having been released in the second half of 2016. This cryptocurrency is an electronic cash system, designed specifically to handle peer-to-peer payments. Zcash provides an option for private ("shielded") or public payments and, like Bitcoin, can be generated using specialised mining hardware (ASICs).

Why not try trading our Zcash CFD today?!

MetaTrader Supreme Edition – Boost Your Trading!

All of the latest additions to our cryptocurrency CFD offering are available to trade on the world's most advanced trading platform – MetaTrader 5.

But, that's not all… Boost your cryptocurrency CFD trading experience with our awesomely powerful MetaTrader Supreme Edition package, featuring over 60 unique tools and indicators!

Still Using an MT4 Account? Time to Upgrade!

2018 will – most likely – be remembered as a year of transition – where many MT4 traders take the next step to the MetaTrader 5 trading platform. If you don't have one yet, why not sign up today?